Aquaculture For Good

A fish farming boom has taken place across the globe, and it's only just begun…

Who we are

Aqua-Spark is an investment fund with a focus on sustainable aquaculture businesses around the world. The small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) we invest in are working toward the production of safe, accessible aquatic life, such as fish, shellfish and plants, in ways that do not harm our oceans. Our investors value the fact that each investment aims to create triple impact—specifically, each investment is chosen for its potential to generate significant financial returns while also activating positive environmental and social outcomes.

Aqua-Spark believes that committing to a long-term vision is the way to realize effective and lasting impact results. When it comes to investments, we do not seek quick exits; instead, we look for entrepreneurs who strive to build and scale toward the future, who see their business as major economic opportunities that can also help solve looming environmental and food security challenges over the long-term. As an essential of each investee, Aqua-Spark seeks sustainability.

Specifically, our fund chooses SMEs that meet the following three principles of sustainability;

  • Economic sustainability—the business generates enough cash to be able to reinvest in its own growth and provide an equitable return to its stakeholders;
  • Environmental sustainability—the business sets high standards of environmental management and seeks to maintain or enhance ecosystem services; and
  • Social sustainability—the business creates jobs, reduces poverty, empowers the underserved, and helps to strengthen communities*;

Our investments start at $250,000. We do not seek controlling stakes in our investments. We prefer to be a minority investor holding between 20-49%, alongside other investors. Every business we invest in is a reflection of our trust in the entrepreneur to lead their companies’ development and growth in the most effective way.


*Not all investments will meet all principles equally, but all will strive to. Aqua-spark will not invest in any businesses that makes anybody’s life worse, discriminates against any person based on their gender, race, national origin and religion, or that causes irreversible changes in the environment.

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