Aquaculture For Good

A fish farming boom has taken place across the globe, and it's only just begun…



Aqua-Spark seeks out environmentally and socially sustainable aquaculture enterprises for investment that exhibit entrepreneurship an ample capacity for growth. Above all, our investees share a desire and willingness to form real and lasting partnerships. Here’s our four-phase process for finding them…

First, we screen

  • Time frame: Completion within 1 to 2 months from initial contact
  • Materials: A complete business plan with an executive summary
  • Our work: An internal review reveals if the company fits within our existing portfolio and meets the criteria of the fund (i.e. financials, social, environmental, economic outcomes are being achieved)
  • Outcome: If this initial internal review is positive, a meeting of introduction (done via Skype, telephone or face-to-face) is arranged between our team and the entrepreneur and/or key business members. In many cases, introductory meetings are followed by further talks to get preliminary questions from both sides answered. Our team must unanimously support further analysis before moving forward

Second, we research

  • Time frame: Completion 3 to 6 months from initial contact
  • Materials: Financial reports and forecasts, market and competitor analysis’, contractual agreements, and patents and other legal documents
  • Our work: Our team performs a more thorough and exacting verification of the business plan (including strategy and all documents mentioned above) by enlisting the help of 3rd parties and appropriate experts. During this phase, our team may begin early discussions regarding potential deal structure
  • Outcome: Verification is deemed approved and parties move forward. Or, our team communicates insufficiencies to applicant

Then, we get to know you

  • Time frame: Part of the due diligence
  • Materials: Contact information for all business locations, key company members, all clients and suppliers
  • Our work: A group consisting of our core team and any relevant experts from our partnerships will make site visits to meet and interview all key members of the company at all business locations. Current suppliers and clients also receive site visits. This also a crucial time for our team to get a feel for how relationships will be built between individuals and groups at all sides of the table
  • Outcome: Productive and engaging relationships are established amongst us

Next, we negotiate

  • Time frame: Completion 4 to 6 months from initial contact
  • Materials: Current materials are sufficient
  • Our work: We will pursue talks until all parties’ concerns are satisfied. Our team begins by talking to co-investors and identifying appropriate milestones and deal expectations in order to begin the staging process
  • Outcomes: The investment is made…. or not

Last, we start

  • Time frame: Ongoing throughout the life of the partnership
  • Materials: Quarterly reports: management analysis, forecasts, expectations and discussion
  • Our work/Method: Regular updates, which include meetings with management to discuss direction and strategy. Address and resolve any and all queries and concerns. Share knowledge and experience with the fund’s portfolio and expert network
  • Outcomes: Develop and scale aquaculture enterprises that continue to create positive social, environmental and economic returns to all stakeholders and foster a new way of aquaculture