Aquaculture For Good

A fish farming boom has taken place across the globe, and it's only just begun…

Our philosophy


Aqua-Spark believes entrepreneurs have the power to change the world.
Entrepreneurs don’t see problems—they see solutions. And those solutions are usually as practical as they are profitable, so they’re both realistic to implement and worthwhile to maintain.

Aqua-Spark believes aquaculture entrepreneurs will help change the future of our oceans.
By coming up with sustainable solutions that can meet the growing demand for fish without harming our seas, aquaculture entrepreneurs are reversing the overfishing trends that are threatening the world’s waters.

Aqua-Spark believes in commitment.
Re-imagining and rapidly scaling the aquaculture industry while still creating good for the planet—and good for people who rely on its resources—is going to take time, which is why we are dedicated to making long-term investments in the entrepreneurs we support. Aqua-spark also believes in the integrity of a fair deal for all stakeholders—a deal that will always hold up.

Aqua-Spark believes real power comes from partnership.
Only through global collaboration within the industry will we succeed at tackling the challenge ahead of us. By aligning ourselves with a broad network of individuals and organizations with innovative aquaculture knowledge and insight, we strengthen our ability to implement large-scale, sustainable change.

Aqua-spark believes aquaculture equals an opportunity for good.
Our investments will generate profit—and they’ll do it while helping bring together forces across the globe in their shared effort to feed our growing population while respecting our fragile planet. Our investments will help forward the shift towards aquaculture in ways that are lucrative and sustainable, as well as supportive, connected, and fun—most definitely fun!

Aqua-Spark believes that investors have the power to change the world!

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