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Global Aquaculture Alliance: 10 takeaways from GOAL 2019 in Chennai, India

The Global Aquaculture Alliance held its 20th GOAL (Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership) conference last week in Chennai, India, and brought a host of experts … read more

Global AgInvesting: Aqua-Spark invests in innovative Brazilian tilapia farm, Fisher Piscicultura

Dutch sustainable aquaculture-focused investment fund Aqua-Spark announced its investment in Fisher Piscicultura (Fisher), an impact-driven tilapia farm based in Brazil. Founded in 2011, Fisher’s team … read more

Wall Street Journal: ‘Aquaculture Fund’ Aims to Cash In on Trend

Aquaculture is surfacing as an attractive sector for green investors. The farming of fish, and other waterborne organic protein, such as algae, is becoming increasingly … read more

The Fish Site: Funding windfalls for fledgling live feed replacement and water treatment firms

Aqua-Spark has today announced new investments in BioFishency, an innovator in water treatment systems for use in land-based aquaculture, and Molofeed, whose new formula can … read more

Real Leaders: Why Smart Aquaculture Makes Sense for Smart Impact Investors

Eat more fish for a healthy diet, but what about raising more fish for a healthy portfolio and planet? That’s the idea behind Aqua-Spark, an … read more

Men’s Journal: The future of fish

Overfishing has decimated our oceans. But a tiny farm in Norway is developing a new way to feed the planet with sustainable—and shockingly delicious—farmed fish … read more

Responseable: Aqua-Spark and Sogn Aqua featured in a video about aquaculture and what we can do during our purchases to reduce our ecological footprint!

At a global scale, fish from wild stocks and aquaculture form a major part of the human diet, providing essential protein and nutrients to a … read more

MindBodyGreen: Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Farmed Fish: Here’s An Inside Look At The Industry

I take a breath full of crisp, chilly air, dig my feet into the greenest grass I’ve ever seen, and bend down to open the … read more

Market Insider: XpertSea Raises $10M Series A to Transform Aquaculture With Technology

XpertSea, a Canadian company which develops technologies to make aquaculture more profitable and sustainable, announced today that it has raised $10 million CAD in Series … read more

Undercurrent News: Aqua-Spark invests in Bergen aquaculture accelerator HATCH 1.0

Sustainable aquaculture fund Aqua-Spark has invested in Bergen-based HATCH Accelerator 1.0; a business accelerator which aims to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and their … read more

Agfunder News: Protix Raises $50m in Largest Insect Farming Investment on Record

Protix, a Netherlands-based company, has raised €45 million ($50.5 million) in equity and debt funding to expand its insect farming business. This is the largest … read more

Bloomberg: How we’ll eat fish in the future

Aquaculture is drawing entrepreneurs and investors, in an overfished world with a growing appetite for the healthy protein. Farmed or wild? Local or imported? Organic? Or some certification you’ve never … read more

Quartz: Leonardo DiCaprio wants people to eat more farmed fish

Americans aren’t big on seafood. Worldwide, the average person eats about 44 pounds of fish and shellfish a year. A typical American eats roughly a … read more

IntraFish: Farm Focus – Indian Ocean Trepang

How Aqua-Spark’s latest investment, Indian Ocean Trepang, farms sea cucumbers in an environmentally and economically-friendly way.   Read the full article here     read more

Undercurrent News: Aqua-Spark makes final 2016 investments in US, Madagascar

Dutch sustainable seafood investment fund Aqua-Spark has squeezed two more investments in before the close of 2016. The latest round of funding has seen LoveTheWild … read more

Fish Farming Expert: A Fresh Force in Funding

Innovative projects that help improve the sustainability of the aquaculture industry have fresh cause for optimism, thanks to the ambitious investment goals of a young … read more

Interview with The Why dealmakers are getting hooked on aquaculture

A small fish swallowed a bigger fish when the U.K.’s Benchmark Holdings bought Belgium’s Inve Aquaculture from Coöperatieve Rabobank and Royal Bank of Scotland in … read more

Aquaculture Exchange: Mike Velings, Aqua-Spark

Anything that can make the aquaculture industry better is what Aqua-Spark CEO and co-founder Mike Velings is looking for as an investor. Like eFishery, an automated fish … read more

The Future of Food

Five years ago, I was among a group of scientists, activists, artists and policymakers who went to the Galapagos with a mission to explore the … read more

Indonesian IoT startup eFishery gets pre-Series A funding

eFishery, a smart fish feeder manufacturer based in Indonesia, has announced a pre-series A funding round from Aqua-spark, a Utrecht-based aquaculture investment fund and Indonesian VC Ideosource. The … read more

Impact Alpha: Investors Target Growing Demand for Healthy, Sustainable, Tasty Fish

The hook is baited, and private-equity and venture-capital fund managers are reeling in capital to finance next-generation fish-farming enterprises across the country and around the world. read more

The Guardian: Can Aqua-Spark fund the future of aquaculture?

For better or worse – often for worse – aquaculture is the fastest-growing animal-based food industry. Half the seafood eaten in the US is farmed, and most of that is imported. Yet it’s not unusual for fish farms to pollute local waters, damage coastal habitatand deplete the oceans of feeder fish. Or, as the Guardian reported last year, exploit slave labour. read more Q&A with Mike Velings, co-founder of Aqua-Spark

Aqua-Spark, an investment fund focused on sustainable aquaculture and related technologies and services, recently invested USD 4 million (EUR 3.5 million) in two up-and-coming aquaculture firms: Menlo Park, Calif.-based Calysta and Chicoa Fish Farm in Mozambique, Africa. read more

Good Magazine: Making Fish Farming Appetizing

There’s a certain appeal to fish farming, also known as aquaculture. Growing aquatic life in offshore pens, rivers, or big, terrestrial tanks seems not only audacious, but as convenient as, well, shooting fish in a barrel. Already, aquaculture accounts for nearly 50 percent of the worldwide fish supply, and it’s growing faster than any other type of food production read more