Aquaculture For Good

Swedish Algae Factory

Swedish Algae Factory  (SAF) offers an affordable, sustainable solution for farmers. Through its circular model, the algae cleans wastewater, absorbs carbon dioxide, and also creates nutrient-rich organic biomass that can be used for fish feed or fertiliser.

SAF extracts a unique nanoporous silica material from diatoms, a unicellular microscopic algae. The extract has exceptional light-altering properties as well as the ability to absorb or release particles depending on its surrounding environment.

Swedish Algae Factory has developed the first economically viable facility to grow high-value algae on RAS effluents. Increasing demand for seafood, diminishing freshwater availability, a push for local production, and other factors are driving the growing land-based aquaculture trend. While RAS facilities use less water than any other type of aquaculture, they have to discharge water each day. Even after filtering out solid waste, high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus remain, which are detrimental to local environments in high concentrations.


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