Aquaculture For Good

Sogn Aqua

schermafbeelding-2017-01-04-om-15-36-34Sogn Aqua is a Norwegian fish farm with the potential to change the way Atlantic Halibut is farmed. Halibut is a red-listed species with a high value and massive market, and Sogn Aqua has developed a unique system for growing Halibut to a bigger size – more sustainably and efficiently than its competitors.

Sogn Aqua’s farm is a sustainability game-changer for many reasons:
• Its patented water system, which pumps water from the clean depths of the fjord, through the farm and – after removing pollutants – back into the bottom of the fjord. The system is low maintenance, sustainable, and leaves no mark on the environment (95% of the materials used are recyclable)
• Its system allows for halibut to be farmed on-land, so the water and habitat remains unharmed
• A special, patented technology provides high aeration and oxygenation of the water to keep disease at bay
• No chemicals or antibiotics are used – a direct result of the Cold and crystal clean water used