Aquaculture For Good


Protix is a highly technological and data driven insect producer based in the Netherlands, with feed products in over 12 countries, ranging from pig and poultry to pet food specialties. It has four products — feed ingredients Protix Protein X, Protix Lipid X, Protix Chitin X, and a fertilizer Protix Flytilyzer X — which are all currently derived from Black Soldier Fly (BSF). It is also moving into the food sector.

Insects are increasingly seen as a viable and low-impact protein alternative, because they can be reared on waste and are much more resource efficient versus other sources of protein and feed such as soy, corn, forage fish and meat.

The diversity of applications for insect ingredients spans from material science to pet food, feed and food. With their clients, Protix uses sustainable insect ingredients to unlock novel features in familiar products.

Protix is world leading when it comes to technological know-how and potential to scale due to its modular approach to factory building.

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