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Love The Wild

schermafbeelding-2017-01-03-om-09-45-22Love The Wild (LTW) is a US-based company which presents sustainable, delicious ready to prepare seafood kits which go from freezer to plate in less than 30 minutes.

Founded in Boulder, Colo., by Jacqueline Claudia and Christy Brouker in 2014, LoveTheWild’s mission is to “save the world, one delicious fish at a time.” LoveTheWild pairs sustainable fish with bold sauces for a restaurant quality meal with less effort. Committed to corporate sustainability, the company was named a Fish 2.0 award winner in 2015. LoveTheWild’s founders actively promote the benefits of sustainable fish and healthy diets.

Changing the market starts with changing palates. LoveTheWild is doing that with a delicious selection of 6 easy-to-prepare sustainable fish and sauce combinations, including “Mango Sriracha Chutney” and “Roasted Red Pepper Almond,” that take the intimidation away from preparing fish at home. They encourage consumers to think beyond traditional fish, such as salmon, and try a range of environmentally-friendly options, like barramundi or striped bass.

LoveTheWild’s product has moved towards 100% sustainable farmed fish, with Aqua-Spark’s guidance. This means farms that do not harm the environment, are not using antibiotics or chemicals, and ultimately prioritize the health of the fish, and thus the health of the consumer.