Aquaculture For Good



Hatch is the world’s first accelerator program focused on the aquaculture industry seeking to find, develop and scale talented and disruptive aquaculture startups – bridging the gap between innovative ideas and their commercialization.

HATCH is launched by Alimentos Ventures, an early-stage aquaculture investment firm. HATCH bridges the gap between innovative ideas and their commercialization by helping startups become investment and market ready, and by catalysing their aquaculture market entry. Their vision is an aquaculture industry capable of growing sustainably to meet global demand. They connect top teams and their ground-breaking aquaculture innovations with expertise and funding in order to reduce the costs and risks inherent to aquaculture growth and development. They provide and foster a global go-to community for entrepreneurs, commercial players, researchers, and investors alike.

With a shared history and similar goals (Founder Carsten Krome previously worked for Aqua-Spark), Hatch and Aqua-Spark are creating a complete support system to nurture aquaculture startups from innovative ideas through commercialization. Technology and innovation are just starting to play a role in aquaculture. The right solutions could resolve production issues and make the industry much more efficient. More success among these aquaculture startups means faster growth towards a more sustainable industry.