Aquaculture For Good


CageEye gathers data on fish positioning in the cage from the installed transducers. Real-time data and logging of past feeding cycles gives the farmer objective information to optimize production. The system is a result of 7 years of development and over 30 years of research in collaboration with Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and the University of Oslo.

CageEye’s echo-sounder technology uses software and hardware to track acoustic data in a fish cage while relying on machine learning to measure and analyze biomass movements. This enables farmers to make informed decisions about the welfare of their fish while automating and optimizing common chores like feeding.

For instance, the technology can detect where in a fish cage farmed salmon are located at any given time. If the majority of fish are swimming near the surface, it indicates it is ready to feed, while if most of the fish are swimming lower, it is time to reduce the amount of feed distributed to reduce waste and therefore costs.

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