Aquaculture For Good

Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms such as fish, shellfish and plants


Shiok Meats

Shiok Meats is a cell-based, clean meat company. It is the first of its kind in Singapore and South-East Asia with a mission to deliver … read more

Swedish Algae Factory

Swedish Algae Factory  (SAF) offers an affordable, sustainable solution for farmers. Through its circular model, the algae cleans wastewater, absorbs carbon dioxide, and also creates … read more

Ace Aquatec

Ace Aquatec is a company based out of Dundee, Scotland, that is focusing on developing and selling technologies that increase responsible marine practices. The company … read more

Fisher Piscicultura

Fisher combines a superb farming location and innovative cage system that improves efficiencies and animal welfare, with an experienced team that has a long-term impact … read more


Molofeed has developed larval feed for marine finfish and shrimp based on proprietary micro-encapsulation technology. This makes it possible to include pre-digested and other water … read more


Founded in 2013 by Cobi Levanon and Igal Magen, BioFishency is an aquaculture solutions provider focused on increasing growers’ productivity and sustainability through its innovative … read more


EnerGaia specializes in producing fresh and sustainable algae products. Focused on making Spirulina a part of daily diets and utilizing otherwise unusable space and land … read more


CageEye gathers data on fish positioning in the cage from the installed transducers. Real-time data and logging of past feeding cycles gives the farmer objective … read more


XpertSea is a Canadian Aquaculture Technology Company that is using data to transform aquaculture into a modern, efficient and sustainable source of food for our planet. XpertSea provides technology … read more


  Hatch is the world’s first accelerator program focused on the aquaculture industry seeking to find, develop and scale talented and disruptive aquaculture startups – … read more

Proteon Pharmaceuticals

Proteon Pharmaceuticals SA is an innovative biotech company using bacteriophages as the foundation for preventing and eradicating bacterial diseases in food animals, humans and plants. … read more


Ecto is a digital biology company developing technology to make aquaculture production more efficient and sustainable. Ecto develops technology at the intersection of data and … read more


Protix is a highly technological and data driven insect producer based in the Netherlands, with feed products in over 12 countries, ranging from pig and poultry … read more

Love The Wild

Love The Wild (LTW) is a US-based company which presents sustainable, delicious ready to prepare seafood kits which go from freezer to plate in less … read more

Indian Ocean Trepang

Indian Ocean Trepang (IOT) is an innovative sea cucumber farming operation in Madagascar. Next to its own farming sites, it has a substantial program for … read more


Matorka is an innovative Arctic Char farming operation based in Iceland, which makes optimal use of Iceland’s natural resources. read more

Sogn Aqua

Sogn Aqua is a Norwegian fish farm with the potential to change the way Atlantic Halibut is farmed. Halibut is a red-listed species with a … read more


eFishery has developed a smart fish feeding machine with the power to revolutionize commercial aquaculture.   eFishery is the integrated feeding solution for fish and shrimp farming. … read more


Calysta cultivates an efficient, methane-eating natural microbe that produces protein. This is a new and sustainable feed ingredient – a single cell protein that is a perfect replacement for fishmeal. read more

Chicoa Fish Farm

Chicoa Fish Farm [CFF] offers a vertically integrated solution to kick-start the freshwater aquaculture industry in Mozambique. CFF is a low cost, environmentally friendly producer … read more