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The Fish Site: Funding windfalls for fledgling live feed replacement and water treatment firms

Aqua-Spark has today announced new investments in BioFishency, an innovator in water treatment systems for use in land-based aquaculture, and Molofeed, whose new formula can replace live feed earlier in the larval rearing cycle.

Aqua-Spark is a primary investor in BioFishency’s latest round of funding, which raised $2.4 million in total. BioFishency will use the additional funds to support its innovative R&D strategy and expansion in China. Aqua-Spark’s investment in Molofeed will be put towards marketing and increasing production capacity.

Mike Velings and Amy Novogratz, co-founders of Aqua-Spark, reflect: “These two companies exemplify what we set out to do with Aqua-Spark. While in different parts of the value chain, through advanced technology and innovative thinking, they’re each moving the needle for a more sustainable future for aquaculture. As the industry continues to grow, we need to support the practices and technologies that are improving how we grow fish so that aquaculture can reach its potential as the healthiest, most resource-efficient animal protein.”

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