Aquaculture For Good

Fish farming has surpassed beef farming for the first time in the modern era.

Best practices

These are some of the many aquaculture stories which inspired us to believe that it’s possible to meet the world’s growing demand for fish, algae, and other marine life, without destroying the world’s dwindling supply. It will require a lot of work and won’t be easy; however, these examples show that it’s definitely possible.

Disclaimer: we are currently not involved as an investor in any of these companies.

WorldFish India

WorldFish: a bit of support goes a long way Indian fish farmers didn’t need expensive new technology or a completely different way of growing fish, … read more


SeaFarm, where the Fish Whisperer farms turbots. At SeaFarm in the south of the Netherlands, Adri Bout (aka the Fish Whisperer) is farming turbots. Not … read more

La Veta la Palma

La Veta La Palma, fish and birds living together Close to Sevilla in the south of Spain an extra ordinary fish farm shows it’s possible … read more