Aquaculture For Good

Stephanie Rakels

Development & Investor Relations Director

Stephanie has been with A-Spark since its inception, working with a small team at its launch in 2011. Since then, Stephanie has been one of the lead investment managers, overseeing a broad range of investments, from SMV Wheels to Think Beyond Plastic. She developed and manages the Aqua-Spark expert team. Prior to A-Spark, she worked with several healthcare projects, focusing on nutrition as well as rehabilitation services in businesses and local communities. Stephanie spent 2 years setting up a local, sustainable, and community-run healthcare center in East Africa. Stephanie worked on the ground in Tanzania, hiring and leading a local team and creating community partnerships to assess need and build successful, community-owned healthcare systems. Between 2000 and 2006, Stephanie started and ran a nutrition and healthcare business. Her experience working with local communities to develop and create solutions focused on possibilities instead of problems is what ignited her passion for helping SMEs launch and grow.

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