Aquaculture For Good

Men’s Journal: The future of fish

Overfishing has decimated our oceans. But a tiny farm in Norway is developing a new way to feed the planet with sustainable—and shockingly delicious—farmed fish … read more

Responseable: Aqua-Spark and Sogn Aqua featured in a video about aquaculture and what we can do during our purchases to reduce our ecological footprint!

At a global scale, fish from wild stocks and aquaculture form a major part of the human diet, providing essential protein and nutrients to a … read more

MindBodyGreen: Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Farmed Fish: Here’s An Inside Look At The Industry

I take a breath full of crisp, chilly air, dig my feet into the greenest grass I’ve ever seen, and bend down to open the … read more

Market Insider: XpertSea Raises $10M Series A to Transform Aquaculture With Technology

XpertSea, a Canadian company which develops technologies to make aquaculture more profitable and sustainable, announced today that it has raised $10 million CAD in Series … read more

Undercurrent News: Aqua-Spark invests in Bergen aquaculture accelerator HATCH 1.0

Sustainable aquaculture fund Aqua-Spark has invested in Bergen-based HATCH Accelerator 1.0; a business accelerator which aims to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and their … read more

Agfunder News: Protix Raises $50m in Largest Insect Farming Investment on Record

Protix, a Netherlands-based company, has raised €45 million ($50.5 million) in equity and debt funding to expand its insect farming business. This is the largest … read more

Bloomberg: How we’ll eat fish in the future

Aquaculture is drawing entrepreneurs and investors, in an overfished world with a growing appetite for the healthy protein. Farmed or wild? Local or imported? Organic? Or some certification you’ve never … read more

Quartz: Leonardo DiCaprio wants people to eat more farmed fish

Americans aren’t big on seafood. Worldwide, the average person eats about 44 pounds of fish and shellfish a year. A typical American eats roughly a … read more

IntraFish: Farm Focus – Indian Ocean Trepang

How Aqua-Spark’s latest investment, Indian Ocean Trepang, farms sea cucumbers in an environmentally and economically-friendly way.   Read the full article here     read more

Undercurrent News: Aqua-Spark makes final 2016 investments in US, Madagascar

Dutch sustainable seafood investment fund Aqua-Spark has squeezed two more investments in before the close of 2016. The latest round of funding has seen LoveTheWild … read more

Fish Farming Expert: A Fresh Force in Funding

Innovative projects that help improve the sustainability of the aquaculture industry have fresh cause for optimism, thanks to the ambitious investment goals of a young … read more

Interview with The Why dealmakers are getting hooked on aquaculture

A small fish swallowed a bigger fish when the U.K.’s Benchmark Holdings bought Belgium’s Inve Aquaculture from Coöperatieve Rabobank and Royal Bank of Scotland in … read more